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Support Groups

Support Groups in Orange County:

    1. TACA Orange County:


    1. Autism Society of Orange County Support Groups:


    1. Asperger’s & High Functioning Autism Group:


    1. Regional Center Training and Support Groups:


Support Groups in San Diego County:

    1. TACA Support Group for San Diego County:


    1. Autism Society of America List of Support Groups in San Diego:


Support Groups in the Inland Empire:

    1. TACA Support Group for the Inland Empire:


    1. Autism Society of America List of Support Groups in the Inland Empire:



Introductory Books:

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Education & Treatment:

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Families & Personal Accounts:

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Laws & Advocacy:

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    1. From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide Peter Wright & Pamela Wright (2006) Harbor House Law Press


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Magazines and Journals

    1. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders


    1. Focus on Autism and Developmental Disorders


    1. Autism: An International Journal


    1. Autism Research


    1. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders


    1. The Advocate


    1. Autism Spectrum Quarterly


    1. The Autism Perspective


    1. Spectrum


    1. The Source


    1. Autism/Aspergers Digest



    1. ABA and Autism Awareness: 4 minute TV interview from Florida about ABA and its effectiveness:


    1. Introduction to ABA-Autism Speaks 4min:


    1. Hope for recovery video 30minutes long:


    1. ABA for ASD: Elyse Wiseman, BCBA, Hope Network:


    1. ASC Ipad study Video:


    1. Executive Functioning by Harvard University 6 minutes:


    1. CDC Autism Case Training: