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There is considerable empirical evidence that early intensive behavior analytic intervention produces large and lasting functional improvements in many children with autism. Scientifically validated studies are now documenting those children on the spectrum who can achieve “Optimal Outcomes” which include having the diagnosis of autism removed. While only a small percentage of children achieve this optimal outcome, ABA therapy is well-documented as the most valid method of improving overall functioning in children with autism (Fein, Barton, Eigsti, Kelley, Naigels, Schultz, Stevens, Helt, Orinstein, Rosenthal, Troyb and Tyson, 2013)

Regardless of where the child, teen, or adult falls on the autism spectrum, Autism Spectrum Consultants can design and implement an individualized, comprehensive behavioral and educational program that addresses the individual needs of each client with Autism. Through our ABA Therapy we can help a child or adult with Autism and provide overall improvement in daily functioning.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment to come in and talk with one of our consultants & Find out how we can help you or your child with our ABA therapy. The right therapy for children or adults with Autism can help dramatically when it comes to personal growth and overall well being.